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For SBCC Marketing Program, the Future is Online

I have the privilege of working part-time at Santa Barbara City College, an award winning institution where innovation and creativity are valued.

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10 Tips for Increased Blog Exposure

Let’s say you’ve just set up your blog. Great job! You’ve even starting posting on a weekly basis. Congratulations! Now you need to know how to go about getting more exposure and more readers?

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Marketing Mix Classroom Activity

In addition to working as an independent digital marketing consultant, I also teach part-time at a southern California city college. I love it! Teaching is the best excuse to be a life-long student of the subjects you are passionate about.

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What Online Dating Taught Me about Internet Marketing

“If you ask her how we met, she’ll tell you it was at a Starbucks. But the truth is, we met online.” This is how my former coworker explained the beginnings of his marriage.

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Marketing Love – January

When I really love something, I want everyone to know. Especially when I think it will help my clients or students be more productive. Here are a few current obsessions of mine. I think you will love them too!

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Newsletter Etiquette: Sending your FIRST email newsletter

Many small to medium sizes businesses will begin their email marketing endeavors by tapping a historical email list

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Social Engagement

Recently, I was asked to guest lecture on Social Media Marketing at Santa Barbara City College. I currently teach Marketing 101. But, since I spend my day in the digital marketing world, I jumped at the opportunity to spend an Read more

The digital marketing world is constantly changing. I work with a group of passionate professionals to help small businesses stay on top of their game.

The topics on this blog are designed to benefit our clients and people like them.

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